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  • How to improve your self-confidence and self-love in life and business

    We have a sneaky final podcast episode for 2020. I was a guest on The Sera Lo Podcast and I wanted to share the incredible takeaways from my chat with Sera. Sera was kind enough to share the audio where we discussed getting in touch with our bodies, why women are afraid to take up space and speak their truth. Common triggers holding women back from being fully themselves in life and business, ways we can improve our self-confidence and self-love and more! Listen Below! Or on your favourite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. Check out The Sera Lo Podcast @bybrookelindsay Why many women entrepreneurs are afraid to speak their truth In my experience female entrepreneurs want to tick ten out of ten boxes and many still hold back even if they are overly qualified to chase their dreams because they feel the ticks could be bigger. We're afraid to take action for a number of reasons like money, perfectionism or fear of being judged by others. All too often what holds women back is not our actual ability, but our perceived ability and a feeling that we're not good enough or that we'll fail so we don't even give ourselves the opportunity to try. Common triggers holding women back from being fully themselves Coming from a place of lack due to societal pressure and the media. Women are made to feel like we need to fix ourselves to be worthy. We carry around our phones 24/7 and so we are constantly seeing media messages that are designed to make us feel lacking. Companies that want to sell you products usually start by making you feel bad about yourself, often by introducing a “problem” with your body that you would never have noticed otherwise. Ways we can improve our self-confidence and self-love You cant just find confidence it's not hiding in your back pocket it's something that you have to decide you want and you're willing to work for because believe me finding your self-worth and confidence is not always easy. It is extremely hard because you need to get to know yourself, who you are, what you want from life, you need to challenge the deepest darkest parts of yourself and work on your every single day. Click here to download my free self-love workbook to get started today! Techniques I use: Become in tune with your body and how you're feeling by meditating Replace negative words like 'I'm nervous/scared' to 'I'm just excited' Visualisation: visualise who you want to be, the life you want to live and act as if Affirmations: affirm yourself with pre-prepared affirmations you know work for you Question your inner mean girl. Is your internal dialogue facts or just hate? Take care of yourself Help others Journal your thoughts, your goals, your values, what you hate, what you love, get it all out Access our Free Confidence Boosting Goodies! As a confidence coach, I wanted to create several FREE resources that will get you on your way to boosting your confidence today! — Gain Instant Access — Work With Me #confidence #confidenceinbusiness #normalisingallbodies #bodyimage #instagram #confidencecoach #getalifecoach #needalifecoach #selfconfidencecoaching #personaldevelopment

  • How To Overcome Perfectionism with Monja Meyer

    We all know someone who needs everything to be “just right" and spend way too long on simple tasks, this might even be you. Perfectionism can be extremely draining and often leads to feelings of anxiety, frustration and even anger. If you want to let go of “perfect” and feel free, listen to this weeks chat with Monja below. Listen Below! Or on your favourite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. In this podcast episode we talk about: Confidence for men vs women Achievable action steps to move past perfectionism Overcoming our fears of being judged How our subconscious minds hold us back How to prioritise and be honest with yourself How to adjust your standard Working on your internal dialogue and more! About Monja "I help passionate solopreneurs turn their bold business dreams into reality by becoming confident AF, stand out from the competition and become highly magnetic to their people" More about Monja Find Monja on Instagram: @monja_meyer Acknowledge you're struggling The first step to letting go of perfectionism is to acknowledge your struggling with it. Monja calls herself a "recovering perfectionist” and says not to label yourself as a perfectionist because it does not define you. Labels are an invitation to buy into an idea about yourself that doesn’t serve you. Calling yourself a perfectionist will only make it harder to change those behaviours. Acknowledge you're struggling but realise it's not apart of your identity. Adjust your standards Adjust your standards can be hard so why not start small? Practising not having things exactly how you normally would, and taking small steps towards change is a great starting point. Give yourself permission to make things just "ok" instead of your idea of "perfect." Done is better than perfect, in so many ways, it helps us to move forwards in life and feel less overwhelmed by insignificant things aren't finished. Remind yourself that good enough is good enough to stop yourself from outperforming. Work on your internal dialogue Start noticing your internal dialogue is supporting your perfectionist behaviour. Catch yourself in that self-talk spiral, you can choose to replace it with something else. There is no need for "just one more time" (edit, run through etc) the first time was good enough! Remember good enough is good enough. Nobody is perfect. perfectionism is just an excuse for procrastination and self-criticism. Once you let go of “perfect” as the standard for all things in life, just think of how free you’ll feel. It will allow you to take action on your goals, learn from your mistakes and continue to grow. Free Confidence Boosting Goodies As a confidence coach, I wanted to create several FREE resources that will get you on your way to boosting your confidence today! — Gain Instant Access — Work With Me #perfectionism #confidence #confidencecoach #confidenceinbusiness #businesscoach #bodyimage #personaldevelopment

  • There's No Such Thing as a Safe Suntan with Melanoma Survivor Jess Van Zeil

    Best selling author of her book Eye Won, resilience expert, coach, speaker and melanoma survivor Jess Van Zeil is on the podcast with an important reminder leading into summer that there is no such thing as a safe suntan! At the age of 21, Jess had a decision to make, lose her eye or lose her life to the relentless melanoma. She thought she had won until they realised it had returned to her brain. After emergency brain surgery she had to learn to walk and move freely again. This is her story. Listen Below! Or on your favourite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. In this beautiful chat with Jess, we talk about: How damaging and even life-threatening societies beauty standards can be How important it is to diversify your social media Jess's PATCH Method Mind shifts for building resilience Focusing on the good Turning failures into lessons Transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk Finding positive friends and mentors And of course, how to stay safe in the sun Find Jess Learn more about Jess's story here. Jess's Best Selling Book Eye Won Instagram @jessvanzeil About Jess Jess Van Zeil is a survivor with a positive attitude. At 21 Jess was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer. For eight months everything seemed to be moving along easily and it looked like we had beaten it with a few localised surgeries. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse, and in the space of 2 months, Jess went from being given the all-clear to being told that cancer had returned so aggressively that she had two options either remove the eye and close over the eye socket for good or give in to it and have less than five years to live. "I realised I really could do anything I put my mind to! From there I spent the next 7 months in and out of the hospital, on treatment and learning to walk and eventually run again. It was an emotional journey filled with a lot of frustration but every day I focused on being grateful, for the people around me, the opportunities I have been given and the life I have lived." Powerfully positive, ridiculously resilient Jess is now shifting her focus to help others to realise that there is always a positive to be found in every situation no matter how bad it may seem at the time. Jess says "my life has changed dramatically since I pursued a career as a speaker at the start of 2016. I am still faced with hurdles but my scans have consistently shown that the cancer has been stable and unchanged since I started treatment in October." "We can’t change the hand we have been dealt but we can certainly change the way we deal with it. I’m living my life to the fullest by being powerfully positive and ridiculously resilient." - Jess Van Zeil Getting a suntan Getting a tan means there has been an increase in skin pigment, called melanin, which causes the tan colour change in your skin which is a sign of damage. The FDA warns there is no such thing as a safe tan. Click here to learn more about the risks of tanning. Jess is a Stage IV Ocular Melanoma Survivor and says "every time you lay our in the sun you increase your risk of skin cancer and melanoma. Need we go on?" Seriously though, do you really need any more convincing? Access our Free Confidence Boosting Resources As a confidence coach, I wanted to create several FREE resources that will get you on your way to boosting your confidence today! — Gain Instant Access — Work With Me #bodydiversity #confidence #confidencecoach #bodyimage #resilience #personaldevelopment #sunsafety

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    WELCOME LOVELY WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF EMPOWERING WOMEN TO LOVE THEIR BODY & LIVE CONFIDENTLY! THE PODCAST is designed to challenge our old ways of thinking and highlight womxn paving the way for body positivity, worthiness and self-care. The Body Confident Co Podcast LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE OUR COMMUNITY Building our online aimed to empower you to love your body and live confidently! Community of Womxn JOIN US BCC Monthly Membership Our monthly membership group coaching program is a collective of like-minded womxn learning how to accept and love the body that we live in. COMING SOON! Receive Empowering Emails from us! Subscribe to receive free resources, tools and tips for boosting your confidence, self-love and more! SUBSCRIBE Thanks for subscribing friend, speak soon! We respect your privacy, unsubscribe at any time. Please leave this field empty.

  • Free Goodies | By Brooke Lindsay

    FREE RESOURCES Here you'll find FREE resources that will get you on your way to boosting your self-love and confidence today! Our free resources include The Self-Love Workbook, our Creating Confidence Playlist, podcast interviews/articles with empowering womxn. ​ Scroll down for instant access! 60 BODY POSI ACCOUNTS TO DIVERSIFY YOUR IG FEED Imagine how much we could grow if we took the initiative to begin diversifying our social media feeds, to include people that make us feel seen! I've curated some incredible awareness accounts for you to follow. READ NOW LISTEN TO THE PODCAST The Body Confident Co Podcast is designed to challenge our old ways of thinking and highlight womxn paving the way for body positivity, worthiness and self-care. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE DOWNLOAD THE SELF-LOVE WORKBOOK This workbook is designed to set your journey in motion with the deep thinking required when working through this workbook. DOWNLOAD NOW JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Building our online Community of Womxn aimed to empower you to love your body and live confidently! JOIN US LISTEN TO THE CREATING CONFIDENCE PLAYLIST! Some music has the power to increase feelings of confidence so I've created our go-to playlist full of songs that will make us feel like a badass. Hit play when you need an extra boost of confidence! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

  • About Me | Brooke Lindsay Confidence Coach

    Who is The Body Confident Co? We are a community and podcast connecting womxn through our blog and podcast. Founded to empower womxn to love their bodies and live confidently in all aspects of life. ​ Nearly every womxn on the planet has struggled with their body confidence in some way or another. We know precisely how hard it is to be confident in a world that makes us feel like we're never good enough. ​ As womxn, we experience societal pressures every single day. From the time we are little girls, we are made to believe that our worth is tied to how we look. ​ BCC was founded to help you shift your mindset and beliefs deep-rooted in diet culture, trashy media and comparing yourself to others on social media. ​ Join our community of womxn, empowering each other to love our bodies and live confidently! Meet the Founder Brooke is a Melbourne based body confidence coach and influencer, dedicated to supporting womxn in practising self-love, reclaiming their confidence and accepting their bodies. Her mission is to empower womxn and amplify their voices through her online platforms and podcast. You may have seen Brooke featured in the Daily Mail, Boss Lady Magazine, or as a Top 10 Confidence Coach in Yahoo Finance. Throughout her life, Brooke has experienced different forms of trauma from bullying, unhealthy relationships, an eating disorder, a near-death car accident, sudden loss of a loved one, and seeking validation in all the wrong places. Over the last five years, she's created a life built on her passion for continued growth, personal healing and helping others do the same. Featured In

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