What Being a Model Has Taught Me About Body Image & Self-Love

I've been asked to do a podcast interview this weekend (which I'm super excited about, what is my life?), and one of the questions she's asked me is, "what's being a model taught you about body image and self-love?" Hmmm...

This question got me thinking about the kind of content I share online and the three main pillars that I always come back to that are:

1. self-love

2. health

3. happiness and what they truly mean to me.

What Being a Model Has Taught

Becoming a curvy model has taught me a lot about learning to love and accept my body completely. While I'm always learning to love my body more and more, I've realised it's more about what my body does for me, rather than how it looks.

Our bodies repair our bones when they break, it heals us when we're sick, it gives us senses like vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch and if you have all five of those senses, you're pretty damn lucky.

It's a pretty thankless job but everything our body does for us, it does to keep us alive because it loves us; so why wouldn't you love your body back?

Mindset | Self-Love

Your mindset plays a huge role in what you'll achieve in your life because if you don't believe in yourself, no one will. It's about having that "fake it 'till you make it mentality".

Changing my mindset and how I view myself has allowed me to work in a corporate position, that I enjoy (and kick butt at) and was recently a keynote speaker at our national conference.

I'm pursuing a career in modelling, working on my passion for helping other women practise self love and learning to love themselves fully. I'm building my dream home with my fiance, and it's really, all thanks to changing my mindset and boosting my self-esteem through practising self-love.

Body | Health

As a 6" tall, dress size 12, very active person, my body is and always has been a healthy size. However, after being told time and time again by modelling agencies that and "experts" in the industry that I would "need to lose weight", you start to believe them.

In my teens and early twenties, I was in a repetitive cycle of negative self-talk and body dysmorphia that led to unhealthy choices.

Exercising was no longer something I enjoyed but instead a punishment that I put myself through because my body wasn't up to industry standards.

Since becoming a plus-size model, that's all changed. Exercising is no longer a punishment, but something I do for self-care; I workout to feel good, not look good. I use exercise as a tool to unwind after a long day, build strength and relish in the psychological benefits.

It's important to note that it's also super important to listen to your body and take care of your health and overall wellness. This means getting enough sleep, always wearing an SPF of 50+, practising safe sex and getting regular check-ups.

Soul | Happiness

Taking care of my soul has been a journey for me because in the past, I thought tapping, crystals and affirmations were a bunch of crock. When in actual fact, these things, along with practising mindfulness should be essentials in your self-love tool kit.

While I love HIT (High-Intensity Training), practising yoga has allowed me to meditate and truly calm my mind through moving my body.

By practising something like yoga, you're allowing your mind, body and spirit to disconnect from technology and the world around you, even if it is only for ten minutes a day.

You get one mind, body and soul, so we must take care of each element of us. Don't feel guilty for prioritising yourself because your friends and family love you and want you to be happy so do what brings you joy.

If there's one thing I can leave you with it's that self-love is a priority, not a luxury. Don't let you battery run low. Ensure your mental and physical wellbeing comes first by remembering the three main pillars...

Self-love, Health and Happiness!


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