To Be More Confident, You Need to be More Vulnerable with Angie Navarro

I'm so excited to introduce you to today's podcast guest, Angie Navarro. Angie is so beautiful, raw and open in today's podcast episode where we talked about working through your limiting beliefs and any blocks you may have that are holding you back from being the confident queen that you are.

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We also talk about working through your mistakes and why it's essential to make them. As well as the fact that you can enjoy a range of different career avenues and life goals, you don't necessarily have to niche down to only one thing in life and how to build a personal brand by being your vulnerable, authentic self.

We also talked about mindset and how we are both introverts while being confident and outgoing people.

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About Angie

Angie has been on her own since she was a teenager. Despite her struggles growing up, she managed to graduate college with a double bachelors in Marketing and Finance. After that, she decided to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship and acting. Angie moved across the country from Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA and has accomplished a lot in the three years she's lived there.

She's had the opportunity to study at one of the most well know improv schools in the country, The Groundlings - this is the same school that famous actors like Melissa Mccarthy and will Farrel attended.

Angie's also been able to build an Amazon and coaching business where she helps camera-shy creators, entrepreneurs, and future influencers build a show-stopping personal brand so that they can attract quality clients and fans.

Experimenting in life

You have to be open-minded, play and try new things when trying to find what you want to do in life. If you only have one fixed goal, you don't allow yourself to open up to try new things and experiment, test and see what you enjoy.

Experimenting is the only way to find your confidence and figure out what makes you happy, and what doesn't.

The importance of creating a personal brand

Personal branding is everything. You can't just study or take a course and expect things to happen for you in your career. To become successful online, you have to be showing up for your audience and creating a personal brand so that people know who you are and so that you're able to create a personal brand for yourself.

How to build your confidence

Removing the fear of judgment allows you to really try new and different things without the fear of what others will think of you.

How can you remove the fear? Honestly, you will always have some form of fear, no matter how confident you are. It's about learning to manage it and realise that fear can be a good thing! It's an indicator that we're putting ourselves outside our comfort zone, which is where we learn, adapt and grow!

You have to be willing to make mistakes to learn from them and develop a sense of who you are and what you value in life.

How to overcome struggles

At a young age, my mother passed away, and so it was evident to me that you only have one life and so you better live it the best way that you know-how.

It's sad but true that we're all going to die one day so you may as well live the life that you want to live. Entrepreneurship can be hard, but it makes me happy, so I block out what anyone else has to say to me because they're not paying my bills, I am.

My advice is to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on what you love and want from life, and you can do this by switching off and having some alone time or doing something you love.

Build relationships, put yourself out there and be vulnerable because you'll realise that is the only way you'll open yourself up for some fantastic opportunities to come your way.

Focus on your journey, not where others are in theirs.

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