Tidying Up Your Mental Clutter with Hally Valentina

After a major weight loss surgery, Hally Valentina's near-death experience changed her life forever. Hally explains, "I knew I was worthy, but I didn't think I was worthy enough, until, my body was a smaller body that was accepted by society."

Hally was determined to turn her life around, tidy up her mental clutter and take back control of her thoughts. Listen to our chat on dropping your identities, negative self-talk and tidying up your mental clutter for good!

Listen to my podcast chat with Hally below

Topics discussed in this podcast episode:

  • Learning from your life experiences

  • Ditching the negative self-talk

  • Dropping your identities

  • The Marie Kondo Method for tidying up your mental clutter!!

  • Being multi-passionate

  • Getting started with NLP

About Hally

Hally Valentina is an NLP Practitioner, Empowerment Coach AND your no bullsh*t best friend! Hally is also the host of Necessary Realness the podcast where she serves the truth about personal growth in a real, raw, relatable way while still having fun.

"I want to shed light on the unspoken struggles that come with self-development and the importance of falling in love with the journey instead of just chasing the destination. My purpose is to help you reclaim your power and empower you to live your best life - however that looks for you."

Learning from your life experiences & self-talk

After Hally endured a life-changing surgery she says people would ask her "why does this always happen to you?" Hally's response was forward-thinking, she said "I always knew there was nothing I could do so why dwell. In every situation, I ask myself 'what can I do about this now?'"

"For example, after my surgery, my self-talk was hands down the most important thing to get me through."

Hally explains that "When it comes to your self-talk, you think it doesn't matter what you say because you're just saying it to yourself but it matters. Those around you may not hear the words you say to yourself but they see where those words take you and how you act because of them."

Drop the identities

"Another thing I stopped doing to tidy up my mental clutter was to drop the identities. For example, I thought I had to be the 'funny fat friend' but I didn't. I am Hally, whoever that is at this time and I'm always going to work on and develop that", Hally explained.

On affirmations, Hally says "affirmations can be great but there's no point telling yourself 400 affirmations a day if you don't believe them and you're just suppressing your genuine honest emotions."

"Be honest with where you're at, recognise you don't want to be there and why you want to be there then starting working towards moving out of that."

"You are not your body, you are not your weight or your size. You're not even the aunty, the sister or the friend, you are YOU. Focus on who that person is, rather than identifying with all these other personas."
"When all of those identities are gone and you're alone, who are you?" Hally concluded.

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