Spilling the Tea on Body Image + My Story

Body image can be a difficult topic to discuss because we all have a perception of how we look which, is not always a correct representation of how we actually look.

Negative, positive or both, your perception of your physical appearance is often heavily influenced by the media, in particular, social media.

Even as a young, athletic teen I struggled with negative body image, body dysmorphia and an eating disorder that developed after I won a modelling competition in 2011. I was 16 year old and in year 10 at the time and the judges made it a huge point that I had won due to my look and preached body positivity.

Swiftly after announcing me the winner, I was taken backstage to discuss the next steps, one of them being that I would need to lose weight "to ensure your measurements are symmetrical" (my hips were my "problem area"). With that, I was given my free gym membership to simply walk on the treadmill to lose weight and not bulk up.

Watch my video for more on that experience.

Learning to Love My Body

After moving to Melbourne I was told the same thing from other agencies. I would come out in a bikini and they would tell me I had an amazing body but as soon as that measuring tape came out, essentially, it was game over. I would need to lose weight and so I decided the modelling industry just wasn't for me, until, I found plus size modelling.

Becoming a "curvy", "plus-size" model, (or whatever you want to call it) has helped me embrace my curves and learn to love, appreciate and take care of my body.

I’ve done a lot of self-development work to learn to fully love and accept my body and to eventually able to create videos like this because that’s what I love to do, create!

My journey has led me to become someone who is extremely passionate about practising self-love to become healthy and happy inside and out. I'm no longer insecure in my skin or controlled by a society that values being thin over all else and I want that for you!

I'm learning every day but I'm mentally and physically stronger, happier and more confident and you can be too.

Why You Need to Have a Positive Body Image

It's not always easy but learning to appreciate and respect our bodies is essential. When you truly love yourself you are less likely to fall victim to the skinny teas or words of someone who tells you that you need to change your appearance.

A balanced approach to nutrition and physical activity is also important but you should work just as hard on having a positive body image will increase your self-esteem, overall happiness and wellbeing. 

Healthy looks different on everyBODY - remember that.


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