Remaining Courageous During Times of Uncertainty with Amanda Morton

With everything that's going on in the world surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), you might be feeling a range of emotions. Including experiencing overwhelm, stress, anxiety and loneliness, especially if you're in social isolation, like many of us are.

So, I thought that there was no better time to get Amanda, the amazing woman behind @CourageousLadies on the podcast.

Courageous Ladies celebrate all women to increase visibility and support for an inclusive world. In times like these, we need support, connection and to be courageous now more than ever!

Listen below!

In this podcast we chat about:

  • How Courageous Ladies came to be

  • How to continue to celebrate and empower women

  • How to remain courageous during the coronavirus

  • Practising gratitude

  • Celebrating diversity and more!

Amanda is the lady behind Courageous Ladies

A passion project that she started in 2019 to share daily nuggets of positivity and inspiration to help navigate her grief following the death of her Mum and Dad to cancer. Courageous Ladies has since grown into a community of women from all over the world who celebrate and support themselves and each other through life’s roller-coaster. Amanda’s purpose behind Courageous Ladies is to celebrate all women, increase their visibility and support an inclusive world, through sharing courageous content - be it quotes, blogs, life hacks or products!

You can learn more about Amanda and her beautiful work at or find her on Instagram @CourageousLadies

How to remain courageous during the coronavirus

During times of uncertainty, it can be easy to think the worst and want to lock ourselves away from the world and stop functioning as we normally would.

We're faced with an illness that is extremely serious and poses a risk to not only our health but our livelihoods with many people being stood down or losing their jobs completely.

While there are things being put in place to assist us financially during the coronavirus, these can be really scary times. We want to talk about some of the ways we can continue to remain courageous and work towards living our best lives.

Let's choose to spend this extra time (when we can) to work on ourselves and our happiness while also doing our best to support others!


The seed of Courageous Ladies stems from the word Courage.

Everyone needs to exhibit courage in some way, some may need it just to get out of bed in the morning. Others may need it to speak up at work or when going to the gym, whatever being courageous looks like for you, it's important that we remember to be kind because we need it now more than ever all around the globe.

Being kind will allow us to continue celebrating each other, being inclusive, being diverse in our thoughts and our actions.

You are COURAGEOUS! In whatever it is you choose to do with your life and just day-to-day, whether the world is crazy outside or not.

Celebrating Diversity

I asked Amanda to share a couple of the Courageous Ladies featured on her website that stood out to her and while it wasn't easy for her to narrow it down, it was evident she was very inspired by these two amazing women - we hope you will be too.

Maddy from @thatunilawyer on Instagram is a newly admitted lawyer in Brisbane, Australia originally from Christchurch, NZ. Maddy is a transgender woman and a huge advocate for raising awareness about the rights and experiences of transgender people in Australia.

I’m incredibly fortunate to be asked to do a lot of public speaking, and I recently did my first ever podcast where I got to talk about some of the main issues being faced by trans people in society (everything from legal hoops we are forced to jump through, to how I deal with people who seek to deliberately do us harm).

You can read more about Maddy and her courageous story here.

Practising Gratitude

Crystal from @faceinsteosarcoma on Instagram is another courageous lady who Amanda mentions in the podcast and who inspires me with her passion for life! Crystal is an actress, blogger and public speaker who loves connecting and inspiring others with her story.

Crystal was diagnosed with a rare facial bone cancer when I was 18 years old. Since then, I've decided to become an advocate for my rare cancer and promote body positivity, healing and self-empowerment.

I would have never had the confidence to do a stylised and urban photoshoot like this in the past because I didn't feel like I suited the 'mold' of what a model/cancer paitent is supposed to look like.
But I quickly began to realise that when we move past our ego, outside opinions and what we view as normal - we make waves in the biggest way possible that helps another young person who looks like me grow in confidence as well.

These women are an inspiration and remind me why it's so important to wake up and remind ourselves of everything we do have in life and that there's no better time than the present to chase our dreams (we have the time)!

The benefits of practising gratitude are endless. Reflecting on the things we're thankful for which will allow us to experience:

  • More positive emotions

  • Feel more alive

  • Sleep better

  • Express more compassion and kindness (we discuss this further in the podcast)

  • It can even strengthen our immune system, which is needed now more than ever

I would love to know what you're grateful for, head over to Instagram and comment just one thing you're most grateful in life right now! Go >> @bybrookelindsay

I am extremely grateful for these women sharing their stories and am so thankful for Amanda opening up and talking us through some of the ways she's been remaining courageous during these times of uncertainty.

Let's remember to be kind to one another, stay connected, stay home when you can and for god sake wash your hands!

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