Reality TV Needs More Body Diversity with Amber Gwynn

Size inclusive designer, model and the founder of the global movement @nonairbrushedme, Amber Gwynn, is passionate about making everyBODY feel confident in their own skin. After recently being on reality TV, her latest mission is advocating for more body diversity on reality tv.

"I'm a confident, curvy woman, but after being on Farmer Wants a Wife, I felt uncomfortable being the token curvy woman and it shouldn't be that way. We need to see more body diversity and overall representation on reality tv because the way it is at the moment is extremely damaging" Amber explained in our podcast chat.

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Topics discussed in this podcast episode:

  • How Amber got started in the modelling and body positivity space

  • How to manage running multiple business ventures

  • What it's really like being on reality tv

  • How damaging the lack of representation on reality tv truly is

  • Tips on building a confident social media presence

  • All things self-love, confidence, being a savvy business chick and more!

Body Image and Mental Health

"As a mental health nurse, I have worked with women who struggle with eating disorders, I've worked with people who are really sick and people of all different abilities. So when it comes to my body and body image, I've been able to put into perspective how truly lucky I am to have the healthy and amble body that I have" Amber so beautifully explains.

"Instead of seeing my bigger body as a negative thing, I realised that I'm so lucky to have this beautiful able body. Why would I complain about the cellulite on my legs when my legs can walk, run and dance?"

Becoming a Curve Model

"I was so sick of opening magazines and thinking to myself, I don't relate to this, so I decided to do something about it."

"Bella Model Management founded by Chealsea Bonner is an agency that I completely connect with and could relate to and so I became a curve model for Bella. That was the beginning of me starting to believe in myself and what I was capable of achieving." Amber explains.

Creating a size-inclusive label

"After being in the modelling industry for a while and having grown up with not a huge variety of fashion options, I decided to create my own size-inclusive label called Nyata. Nyata means real in Indonesian and I chose it because I want to promote that all women are real women."

"When people say 'curvy women are real women' it frustrates me because ALL women are reall women!"

"The clothing range from size 8 - 30 because I wanted to create a store where literally everyBODY could go shopping. I love seeing a size 8 woman next to a size 28 and both women feeling empowered and confident in our bold, colourful and vibrant prints."

Starting a global movement with @nonairbrushedme

"The Instagram account @nonairbrushedme is a global movement with over 210k followers who are women supporting one another and promoting raw, authentic beauty in every form. It's a safe space for people to come as they are and be supported."

Being on Reality TV

After being on Farmer Wants a Wife, Amber says "my main takeaway was that it's just another frustration of mine that I want to promote more on nonairbrushedme and that is the lack of diversity and representation on these shows."

"I looked around and out of 40 women there were four curvy chicks, there was basically no cultural diversity and I asked myself where is the representation? It was something I was aware of when watching reality tv, you see the same people or the token woman of colour or the token plus size women but something needs to change."

"The Black Live Matter Movement having happened right before the launch of this show and the fact that there was no cultural diversity made it extremely evident and people were mad" Amber explained of the lack of representation on Farmer Wants a Wife.

"These shows need to listen and there needs to be changes made because I went on reality tv to be the change I wanted to see but just ended up feeling really uncomfortable because I felt like the token curvy woman and it should not be that way."

How to build your confidence online

When asked how to build a confident and successful online presence, Amber said "I think success happens naturally and if you want to be successful online, you need to create a business or a platform that you're genuinely passionate about."

"I believe that you can succeed in whatever it is you want to do with passion, drive and a belief in yourself. You don't necessarily need to spend years at university or at fashion school for example. But whatever you do, do it with conviction and be true to yourself."

"When it comes to building your online presence, always be approachable and engage with your audience and the people around you. If people are seeking your help, be there to support them. Finally, be consistent and give yourself time. Things don't happen overnight so be patient with yourself and be open to changing with the times." Amber explained.

"Modelling your confidence is just being proud of who you are, and that doesn't mean you wake up one day and love your body or love who you are, it takes time, patience and hard work."

It's not every day that we wake up and feel great, we are women and we have bad days. We get bloated, we get our periods but if you're waking up most days and feeling good about yourself then you've achieved self-love.

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