Our Top 10 Journaling Prompts for Self Love

Self-love is a lot more than just loving yourself, it's also about gaining an understanding of your feelings, values, aspiration and challenges in life. To be able to do this with ease I advise somehow integrating journaling into your life.

Start by setting a timer for just five minutes and if you go over that time, great, if not, you haven't wasted any time.

Write anything and everything down to get everything out of your head and onto the page in front of you. It can sometimes be draining so have patience with yourself.

Continue reading for more journaling tips and prompts to ease you into journalling for self-love.

Your Eyes Only

There is comfort in knowing your journal is for you eyes only and that no one is ever going to read your private thoughts.

It will allow you to write freely and be open and honest with yourself. This is not a place for judgement so write whatever you feel but don't feel obligated to write something you're not quite comfortable addressing.

Self Love Journalling Prompts

I didn't want to do more than ten prompts because I think we can become overwhelmed by something that should be simple. So here are our top ten self love journaling prompts to get you started.

  1. What is one thing you need to forgive yourself for? Remember to get it all out, journalling is a no judgement space for your eyes only.

  2. What is a self serving habit that you want to start implementing this month?

  3. What’s one thing that you love about your mind, body and personality?

  4. What do you have to thank you body for?

  5. How can you commit to loving yourself everyday?

  6. How can you set better boundaries in your life? Boundaries for people who may be toxic or that you feel have a negative impact on your life.

  7. What’s the most loving thing you do for yourself every day?

  8. How do you feel you’re making the world a better place? It could be a simple as smiling at a stranger or picking up rubbish.

  9. How can you give yourself a break today? Mentally, physically, or emotionally.

  10. What do you have to be grateful for? You might want to create a >> gratitude list.

Effective Journaling

More tips on effective journaling can be found on the Center for Journal Therapy website. When you journal, remember the simple acronym: WRITE!

W – What do you want to write about? Think about what is going on in your life, your current thoughts and feelings, what you’re striving towards or trying to avoid right now. Give it a name and put it all on paper.

R – Review or reflect on it. Take a few moments to be still, calm your breath, and focus. A little mindfulness or meditation could help in this step. Try to start sentences with “I” statements like “I feel…”, “I want…”, and “I think…” Also, try to keep them in the present tense, with sentence stems like “Today…”, “Right now…”, or “In this moment…”

I – Investigate your thoughts and feelings through your writing. Just keep going! If you feel you have run out of things to write or your mind starts to wander, take a moment to re-focus (another opportunity for mindfulness meditation!), read over what you have just written, and continue on.

T – Time yourself to ensure that you write for at least 5 minutes (or whatever your current goal is). Write down your start time and the projected end time based on your goal at the top of your page. Set a timer or alarm to go off when the time period you have set it up.

E – Exit strategically and with introspection. Read what you have written and take a moment to reflect on it. Sum up your takeaway in one or two sentences, starting with statements like “As I read this, I notice…”, “I’m aware of…”, or “I feel…” If you have any action items or steps you would like to take next, write them down now (Adams, n.d.).

Treat yourself to some extra love and self-care today because you deserve it!


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