Nike Plus-Size Mannequins are EVERYTHING for Inclusivity & Body Positivity in Sportswear

This Nike plus-size mannequin is absolutely everything! Turning the fashion industry on its head and paving the way for inclusivity and body positivity. However, some are not so supportive.

NIKE Plus Size Mannequins
Nike's flagship London store has introduced plus-size and para-sport mannequins. CREDIT: NIKE

After reading an article from The Telegraph in the UK titled 'Obese mannequins are selling women a dangerous lie' I felt compelled to write a response.

I don't consider myself a keyboard warrior but quite frankly, this article disgusted me. To read another woman's fat-shaming words, disguised (not well-disguised mind you) as concern for people's health filled me with rage.

I asked myself, how can a "well-educated" woman with such a platform use words like "She is immense, gargantuan, vast. She heaves with fat. She is, in every measure, obese, and she is not readying herself for a run in her shiny Nike gear. She cannot..."?

My response to these ignorant words is as follows...

She bloody well can run, squat, swim, lift weight, and more and she will do it in style thanks to progressive companies like Nike, who are pioneering inclusivity and body positivity within the fashion industry. 

To the person who wrote that joke of an article (who I won't name), you seem to be very concerned for the health of others and yet your Twitter profile picture is of you with a cigarette in your mouth? Hardly a picture of health #hypocrite

However, this topic is bigger than one article and one person's opinion. The point is that everyBODY wants to see themselves reflected in the advertising. How does someone go into a store or shop online and make a well-informed decision, if something will work for their body type if there is no diversity within marketing?

How do we gain the self-confidence to go out and exercise to be healthy and happy if nothing is marketed towards everyBODY? 

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident when going to the gym, or simply going to the shops in their activewear. Healthy looks different on everyone and overall health and happiness is built on learning to love yourself as you are right now whilst continuing to work on your wellness every day.

We have made huge progress since the pioneers of body positivity started sharing their stories and paved the way for self-love and inclusivity but there is a long way to go. Companies like Nike are getting it so right and proving that marketing can connect with audiences and empower everyone.

I want to remind you to challenge the assumptions of others and preconceptions around weight and health. Don't simply believe what you read, do your own research into actual medical facts because all this person's article has done is contribute to the abusive culture that victimises healthy heavy people.

Although this rant is long, I want my message to be simple. This article was cruel and idiotic and it won't be the first or the last time people write things like this but what matters is what YOU tell yourself.

No one has gone through your life experiences except for you, so practice self-love, don't compare yourself to others and know that you are beautiful!

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