How To Protect Your Energy & Boost Your Self-Esteem

To live a happy and fulfilled life it's important that we have a healthy amount of confidence and self-esteem. Easier said than done I hear you say?

I get it.

Self-esteem is the subjective self-evaluation of our own worth and can affect many different areas of our lives. Building your self-esteem can be challenging but it all starts with YOU and believing in yourself!

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If you’re struggling with shame, setting boundaries or being confident in social situations then it's important to figure out what's holding you back and work on your sense of self.

Self-esteem is essential to feel comfortable in your decision making, achieving your goals, having healthy relationships and more. So, here are some ways to boost your confidence and take control of your self-esteem for good.

Get to know yourself

The first and most important tools you can use when building your self-esteem is getting to know yourself.

Really listen to your body when it's sending you messages. When you're feeling low self-esteem who is around you, what's your environment and what has triggered this feeling?

Once you understand yourself and your emotions you're able to take actions that create positive reactions.

Start making your own decisions

This can be a difficult action to implement in life, especially if you have someone in your life you rely on to make decisions on your behalf, eg a parent or partner.

Start by making small decisions in your day to day life without the need to consult anyone, use your own initiative and trust that you have the answers within you!

Stop the negative self-talk

This is something I continually preach because I believe our actions are a result of the things we tell ourselves.

If your internal dialogue sounds something like "I'm not worthy of this, I don't know what I'm doing, who do I think I am" then, of course, you're going to struggle with taking action of the things that you want in life.

Ask yourself "if I wouldn’t speak to a loved one the way, why am I speaking to myself that way?"

When you catch yourself speaking negatively towards yourself you need to pull yourself up and retract what you’ve said by reinforcing something positive about yourself (this is where a Self-Love List comes in handy!)

For example:

"You know what, I do look bomb in these jeans! I love my curves and I will NOT compare myself to people on the internet!"


"I'm not sure what the outcome will be but I'll never know or learn if I don't just try!"

Practise daily affirmations

Practising daily affirmations can look different for everyone. Some people may like to write their daily affirmations on a mirror or in a journal. It could be something long and meaningful or it could just be a reminder that you are enough.

I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am enough!

Put your affirmation in places that you can see them regularly, it's also great to set up timers or reminders in your calendar so that they pop up as a beautiful little reminder during the day.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you in so many different aspects of your life. Yoga and meditation are great for the body, mind, and soul and these practices can look different for everyone.

In simple terms, to meditate is to engage in a mental exercise, for example, bringing your focus to your breathing or repeating a mantra to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness.


You can meditate while moving your body through yoga or even running which can help you clear your mind while engaging in a repetitive action. Or you can sit and try to calm and clear your mind off all things that could cause you to feel stressed or anxious.

Find your passions in life

Exploring your creativity is an amazing expression of self-care and will also help increase your confidence.

Creativity looks different for everyone, you might love painting, going to the gym, filming YouTube videos, photography, practising yoga or getting outdoors and gardening. 

Find a passion/s that lights you up inside so when you feel like you’re struggling with low self-esteem you have a go-to creative outlet that makes you feel happy and empowered.

Start accepting compliments

When we're struggling with low self-esteem it can be really hard to believe that we are worthy of other people complimenting us, even though it's when we need them most.

I'm not saying we should rely on others compliments to build our self-esteem however, it's important that you start to accept comp[liments rather than just shrugging them off.

Instead of just laughing off compliments, try responding by simply saying "thank you" or "that's kind". By accepting compliments you'll eventually start to believe the nice things people say about you.


My final reminder to you is to believe in you. Give yourself the time and patience to learn from your mistakes because sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose but it's in those hard times in life where you learn.

Look at every opportunity as a lesson and an opportunity to learn and further develop yourself to become bigger and better in the future!

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