How To Overcome Perfectionism with Monja Meyer

We all know someone who needs everything to be “just right" and spend way too long on simple tasks, this might even be you.

Perfectionism can be extremely draining and often leads to feelings of anxiety, frustration and even anger. If you want to let go of “perfect” and feel free, listen to this weeks chat with Monja below.

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In this podcast episode we talk about:

  1. Confidence for men vs women

  2. Achievable action steps to move past perfectionism

  3. Overcoming our fears of being judged

  4. How our subconscious minds hold us back

  5. How to prioritise and be honest with yourself

  6. How to adjust your standard

  7. Working on your internal dialogue and more!

About Monja

"I help passionate solopreneurs turn their bold business dreams into reality by becoming confident AF, stand out from the competition and become highly magnetic to their people"

Acknowledge you're struggling

The first step to letting go of perfectionism is to acknowledge your struggling with it.

Monja calls herself a "recovering perfectionist” and says not to label yourself as a perfectionist because it does not define you. Labels are an invitation to buy into an idea about yourself that doesn’t serve you.

Calling yourself a perfectionist will only make it harder to change those behaviours. Acknowledge you're struggling but realise it's not apart of your identity.

Adjust your standards

Adjust your standards can be hard so why not start small? Practising not having things exactly how you normally would, and taking small steps towards change is a great starting point.

Give yourself permission to make things just "ok" instead of your idea of "perfect." Done is better than perfect, in so many ways, it helps us to move forwards in life and feel less overwhelmed by insignificant things aren't finished.

Remind yourself that good enough is good enough to stop yourself from outperforming.

Work on your internal dialogue

Start noticing your internal dialogue is supporting your perfectionist behaviour. Catch yourself in that self-talk spiral, you can choose to replace it with something else.

There is no need for "just one more time" (edit, run through etc) the first time was good enough! Remember good enough is good enough.

Nobody is perfect. perfectionism is just an excuse for procrastination and self-criticism.

Once you let go of “perfect” as the standard for all things in life, just think of how free you’ll feel. It will allow you to take action on your goals, learn from your mistakes and continue to grow.

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