How to Develop Self-Love & Strengthen Your Relationships with Jessi Abass

Relationships and connection are such an important part of being human, this has been highlighted now more than ever with social isolation due to the coronavirus.

It's also important to remember that the most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. Love is not two halves coming together to make a whole, love is two people who accept and love themselves, forming a relationship that enhances who they are with another person.

Today's podcast guest is passionate about women learning to practice self-love and become empowered. With a large community on Instagram, Jessi Abass says "it's all about community and bringing women together to love and support one another instead of comparing ourselves to each other. "

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Jessi on 'being on social media'

Anyone wanting to show up online and be a light for others needs to realise that it takes courage to show up for yourself and others. You have to believe in yourself, your message and your ability to do what you need to, for YOU.

If I want to be a light I'll be a light, if people see that light and the come then awesome, if not then I should still be showing up to be that light for myself.

We only have one life and I want to make sure everything I post on social media, encourage all women to create a life that is worth living and living to your fullest potential. I want to challenge women to think about what potential they could reach or what they can learn about themselves.

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Finding community

If we want to be surrounded by other amazing like-minded women we have to put ourselves out there. I went to workshops and conferences and I networked to meet these amazing people I now call my friends, they don't just come into your life without welcoming them in.

Once we all started to become surrounded by these strong beautiful women, we realised that we are strong women with a lot to say. I realised that I was in my own way and once I stopped sabotaging my success I was able to create a community that is still evolving with me every single day.

My message encourages other women to take up space, be themselves and really educate themselves on self-care and self-development.
Essentially it's about choosing to choose yourself.

Jessi's self-love journey

There was a lot of work I had to put in. I've spent the last three years on a beautiful growth journey of learning and unlearning the things I was doing that weren't benefitting my life and my relationships

It's certainly not easy because there are often some deep dark parts of yourself that you have to work on that maybe you've suppressed for a really long time.

I just want women to know that they are so worthy of doing whatever it is they want to do. To do that you have to unlearn unhealthy thought processes, habits and responses to truly start to practice self-love.

Building healthy relationships & marriage

Having a great understanding of self allows you to build healthy relationships in your life. I would say that my confidence comes from having a great understanding of self and knowing what I need to work on. I'm always very real with myself, I don't suppress how I'm feeling and that helps with my confidence because I know who I am.

I can walk into any room and think to myself "I'm solid. Anyone in this room could have a perception of who I am but I know who I truly am, what I've gone through and worked on."

The judgement doesn't bother me, it just weeds out the people I don't want in my life.

Anyone who judges you and what you are doing has work to do on themselves. People who are busy working on their goals and their mission don't have time to judge others.

When it comes to marriage, I would say if you don't feel like you can talk about anything and everything with your partner, marriage is going to be hard for you. Marriage is not going to fix your problems if anything it's only going to exacerbate them.

Marriage is a legally binding commitment that should be taken very seriously. For my husband and I, our marriage is 100% forever and so

How to model your confidence

For anyone who feels they can't step into who they really are, you've actually got to step back. To find the parts that you love about yourself, to work on yourself and get to a point where you don't treat yourself negatively anymore.

You have to work towards getting to a point where you're reframing negative self-talk and working on yourself every single day because self-love is a beautiful never-ending journey.

You are worth spending that time on, you have a purpose in this world and knowing that makes you feel grounded. Being YOU is your biggest blessing, focus on you and find your drive and mission because knowing who you are will bring forward your worth and confidence.

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