How To Be Confident In Business by Being Yourself with Brooke Vulinovich

Brooke Vulinovich has a long and impressive resume that includes Instagram specialist, international keynote speaker, creator of the international Social Club Membership and Academy and a regular guest on Channel 9 News Perth. However, I would say she's best known for her confident and relatable personality online.

Brooke has created a name for herself as the Instagram Queen due to her successful business teaching others how to recreate her success by being yourself and consistently showing up on social media.

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Topics discussed in this podcast episode:

  • Finding the confidence to start and grow your business

  • Overcoming self-sabotaging behaviours and imposter syndrome

  • Confidence in business

  • Being courageous on Instagram

  • Tips for building an online presence and a following

  • Top tips for Instagram

  • How to be confident in business by being yourself

About Brooke

With a background in sales and marketing, Brooke’s love of customer service and her enthusiastic personality allowed her to quickly skyrocket through the digital marketing world to become one of Australia’s most influential Instagram speakers and trainers working with brands like American Express, Dermalogica, Mazda, and City of Perth.

Brooke specialises in educating businesses on exactly how to leverage the power of Social Media to increase their brand awareness and boost their bottom line.  Her online coaching community - the Social Club Membership - empowers businesses in 28 countries with the knowledge, confidence and tools to sell using Instagram.

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Tips for women wanting to start their business

Just do it, don't overthink it. Just decide on a business name, make sure it's available on social media and then register it.

It's so exciting that we live in a time where you can literally start and grow a million-dollar business with a smartphone and an Internet connection. That's all you need.

Start building an audience on social media by sharing the process of genuinely building your business. That's what people become invested in - is feeling like they're apart of your journey and growth. It's one of the best ways to succeed in business is by being yourself, it's not about selling.

If you've got an idea and you love what you do just share that, that's what the world wants to see. People want to be inspired, they want to be motivated. They want to see people going after their goals and their dreams and what they believe in and I think it's an important message as well that social media doesn't need to be just about selling.

Get your audience invested in your story. You don't even need to worry about selling to them. If you share your story and you share your values and you share what motivates you, people will pay to have that. They will buy into that and that's how you make sales.

What to share on social media

Keep in mind that you want to keep sharing the content your audience followed you for. If you're a stay at home mum building her business and that's your audience, continue to share that journey with them.

Keep in the back of your mind 'is this valuable to my customer to be sharing the content that I'm sharing?' Be aware of who's consuming your content and if and how it's of value to them.

What the one thing that people follow you for?

Always have that 'one thing' that you share. If you can keep that as the focus and the majority of your content then people will enjoy following along. It's when you start to post random things that people didn't follow you for that will start to lose your audience's interest.

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