How Are Kim Kardashian's Waist Trainers a Thing in 2019?

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Are waist trainers really a thing in 2019?

It blows my mind that someone who has as much money as Kim Kardashian would feel the need to make money off of a product that could be damaging to the mental and physical health of women.

I wanted to do a podcast on this because I think it's important to talk about the topic of being a critical consumer and aware of why things like waist trainers and skinny teas are sold to us.

I also want to start this podcast by saying that in no way am I bashing Kim Kardashian. I think she's a strong, powerful woman who has created an empire and something pretty special for herself and her family.

I don't often watch TV but when I do it's usually an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and I think that's why this was so disappointing to me.

We need to stop consuming based on our insecurities and low self-worth. I created this platform to help women step into their power, build their self-esteem and confidence, so we don't buy into bull shit gimmicks.

I think it's so important as women that we're not only empowering each other but empowering ourselves to have a level of scepticism because I know that when I was younger, I would have bought into something like a waist trainer.

How waist trainers contribute to body image issues

I developed an eating disorder at the age of 17 years old because I was told by the media and the modelling industry that I needed to lose weight. At that point, I knew very little about self-love and body positivity, and I would have done anything to lose weight.

I underate, I over-trained at the gym, and because I was still developing and exercising so much, I would get hungry dah. So I would binge, feel guilty as well and then make myself sick. I tried laxatives and detox drinks, and if waist trainers had of been sold to me, then I would have tried them too.

When I was in this state of mind, I was vulnerable. Unaware of the long term effects, these things could potentially have on my body, and that's why I feel an obligation to call this shit out publicly.

I wish someone would have had this conversation with me when I was younger. That, someone, said these gimmicks are unhealthy and that your worth is not based on your appearance.

I wouldn't change my journey because it made me the person I am today. It made me extremely confident in the person I am today and passionate about helping others do the same.

I want you to realise they you love yourself as you are right now, without having to change a single thing because you are worthy.

A tiny waist doesn't make you worthy; being a living breathing human being makes you worthy.

Why I won't work with some "health and wellness" companies

There are some amazing and REAL health and wellness companies that are stepping up to the plate when it comes to caring about the overall health and wellbeing of women.

However, some companies will try to piggyback off of your insecurities and benefit from oppressing us and selling us weight loss supplements and skinny teas which I will never support/promote.

Those companies need to do better. They need to step up their game to be worth our time, money and efforts.

Instagram and Facebook announced they would block users under age 18 from seeing posts that promote certain weight loss products or cosmetic procedures.

While this is a start, I feel there is still a long way to go to protect not only teens but the women of the world from the dangerous messages that we're told every day. That being skinny = being beautiful and worthy, which you know is bullshit.

Why isn't health and nutrition a prerequisite in school?

Why aren't we taught in school how to correctly use food to fuel our bodies? To enjoy ourselves and live and healthy and balanced lifestyle so that we understand food and nutrition rather than being a victim to it.

We can't eliminate what we're shown in the media. Unfortunately, it's not going anywhere but what we can do is educate ourselves to understand health and nutrition in a very logical way.

We should be taught that our bodies are vessels to get us through life.

You don't need to drink skinny teas and go on a diet of lettuce and water. You need to fuel your body and take care of it with nutritious foods and enjoy everything in moderation.

The pros of waist trainers

The benefits of wearing a waist trainer are that it may slim your waist because, over time, it will move your organs and bend your bones to give you a Kim Kardashian waist. Maybe this will make you happy at a surface level.

In my opinion, it's just slapping a bandaid over perhaps some body image issues you're experiencing.

The dangers of waist trainers

The best outcome of wearing a waist trainer would be that you get a skinny waist, and you only suffer some bruises and discomfort from wearing it.

If you're wearing a waist trainer while eating your meals, you're restricting your eating and digestion. This will restrict your body from properly digesting your food which can cause acid reflux.

It can also lead to muscle atrophy, where your muscles will begin to waste away. People will tell you it supports your posture which may be true when you're wearing it but as soon as you take it off your posture will become non-existent. When you're wearing it, your muscles have been relying on the waist trainer to hold you up.

These are some severe side effects if you're continually wearing it which, you're told to do if you want the skinny waist.

Training your waist in this way can lead to some serious complications, your bones are literally being reshaped and all so that you can fit in with societies standards and be pleasing to others.

No judgment

I didn't create this podcast to judge you or anyone else for the choices you make in life. I'm merely putting some facts out there that will hopefully help you feel free from the need to "fit in" with societies standards of how they think you should look, think, act, be.

I will always advocate for women to make their own choices in life, and I believe you should do what you need to feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

I just want you to prioritise your physical and mental health over what anyone else thinks of you because you weren't put on this planet to please others. You're not an ornament on a Christmas tree, your a living, breathing human being who deserves respect.

Either way, I feel better knowing you have all the facts and can make educated decisions in life.

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