Feeling Safe and Connected to Your Body With Nora Wendel

Nora is one of the leading worldwide experts teaching feminine magnetism, human connection and authentic relationships to women worldwide. As an international motivational speaker she inspires 1000’s of women to get out of their own way and start leading a life of radiance and aliveness.

Nora and I connected in today's chat about the importance of self-development and working on our mindset to feel safe and connected to our bodies.

Listen to our podcast chat below!

Nora's Gypsy upbringing in Nepal and India cultivated in her a deep desire to inspire people to live extraordinary lives filled with intimacy, joy and passion. Find out more about her via her website or follow her inspiring posts on Instagram.

Nora's Radiance Meditation


Overcoming the Anxious Stories We Tell Ourselves

We have to realise that everything we think and our belief systems come from information sources outside of ourselves. We are born without the influence of the outside world and as we grow up we start to become influenced by society and those around us.

Growing up we're influenced by our parents, teachers, the books we read, the tv we watch and society in general. It's the outward influence that starts to create the thoughts in our minds.

The thoughts that we keep thinking create a belief system (good or bad) and our belief system governs our behaviour and our actions. Our behaviour and actions then create our reality so if you're struggling with the thoughts in your head and your feeling anxious about something I want YOU to stop and ask yourself this.

Is what I'm thinking really true? Or is this just a story that I'm telling myself? And what do I actually want to believe?

The Root Cause of Your Pain

When it comes to feeling anxious or unworthy there is often a root cause of our pain and we have to work to figure out where our hurt is coming from.

If you're feeling as though you need to prove yourself in order to be loved, which may appear in your work or relationships then you need to understand why this is coming up for you. Is it a fear of lack, of not being loved? What's underneath your fear and the story you're telling yourself?

Whenever you're feeling anxious or pain I want you to put your hand on your heart, breathe and realise that you really just love yourself and this is happening because you want to protect yourself. Believe in that, believe in YOU.

Get to Know Yourself

Noticing how you feel in each and every moment is where we should start when wanting to make a change. Take a moment to notice how you're feeling and ask yourself "is this how I want to feel?" Your answer might be yes or no but understand your feelings are not good or bad. Feelings are our guide to where we want to go.

So if you're not feeling how you want to feel, ask yourself what is going to make me feel connected to myself, abundant, aligned and in flow with my life?

Abundance doesn't have to mean money, we can feel abundant in many different ways and it will be different for everyone. Taking a bubble bath with flowers in it might make you feel abundant because you're giving yourself the time and the space to be in flow and listen to your body.

Reprograming Our Brain to Feel Safe

Through NLP I've learnt the language of the mind with certain tools and practices. We sometimes need to reprogram our neural pathways so that we don't keep thinking the same thoughts and instead we think something new.

People always ask "how can I stop feeling anxious" or "how can I feel more feminine or self-love" but it's not about the 'how' it's all about feeling.

When you visualise how you want to feel, you create a new neaural pathways in the brain with that feeling, it's like manifesting on triple shots of matcha.

Working on Feeling Worthy

The biggest disease that we have especially in women is "I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy".

Again, the stories we tell ourselves keep us stuck in self-sabotage, but once we understand how we really feel and that these are just stories, we can start to create a new belief system which leads to a new action and a new reality for ourselves.

We are so powerful as women but we don't allow ourselves to be our truly expressed selves because we're told growing up "it's not safe". When we allow ourselves to fully express who we are and hold ourselves with love and pride, we start to feel just a little bit more worthy.

It doesn't happen overnight but working on how you are feeling every day allows you to start to realise that you are worthy of feeling your best, every single day.

Visualise yourself becoming the woman you want to be and embody her every day.

It's a beautiful never-ending journey of constantly evolving into who you want to be.

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