Confronting Anxiety and Fear with Christy Whitman

We are living in uncertain times, it's natural to feel uneasy due to the constant changes happening around us.

Today's podcast guest is Christy Whitman, a life coach and New York Times Bestselling author who shares how we can confront anxiety and fear during these stressful times and harness it for good.

In today's podcast we discuss:

  • Energy shifting - how to identify a shift has occurred and how to manifest an intentional shift in your life

  • Reuniting with ourselves - how to better understand our wants and needs and become more in tune with ourselves

  • Exhausting outlets - how to fully let go of overwhelming energies to make room for powerful, abundant energies

  • How our thoughts create our reality - overcoming a lack mindset

  • Dealing with loss and how to overcome feelings of helplessness

About Christy

Christy Whitman is a New York Times Bestselling author and life coach. Christy has developed an action-based approach to applying the 7 Essential Laws of the Universe to help people overcome their focus on uncertainty and break free from patterns of thought that cause fear, anxiety, and worry.

Understanding the principles of each law and using them to create a more intentional path forward can bring alignment and focus to feel blessed and celebrated – no matter what situations and circumstances you find yourself in.

Christy has shared her expertise on TODAY and The Morning Show and in People, Woman’s Day, Seventeen, Teen Vogue and now The Modelling Confidence Podcast!

You can find Christy on Facebook and Instagram


Creating a free-mind space

Most of us have a mind full of ideas, aspirations, things we have to do, worries, work tasks, things the kids need, what we should have for dinner and more!

While a cluttered house is not good, a cluttered mind is much worse. When our heads are full of clutter it can make us feel extremely unorganised, stressed and even anxious and fearful.

Creating a free-mind space allows us to stop being busy and start being productive.

Mindset — "How do I want to feel?"

"Most of us were raised/taught by the people that were good intention people that if you want to feel a certain way you need to accomplish or attain or go get someone or something in order to feel good or feel better," Christy explains.

"If I just go get a boyfriend or a husband, or if I go get married, then I'm going to feel signitoI won't be loneltoI'll feel good, or if I accomplish this, get this title, or that 10th degree or whatever it is, then I'm going to feel good."

"And yet how many times have we gotten the boyfriend and thought, I'm still feeling empty inside. Maybe it's not this boyfriend? Perhaps it's something wrong with him. He's not fulfilling me, or maybe it's the money, maybe I need to make more money. So we go and make that level of money and then realise, that's not fulfilling either. Maybe it's more money."

"What we don't realise is that it's never going to be enough because we're coming from not enough," Christy concluded.

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