Building Self Confidence for Business Success with Jada Perfect

Jada is today's podcast guest who is an extremely vivacious woman who knows what she wants and goes for it - a woman after my own heart!

From the age of 19 she bought her first business and since then has owned many businesses some successful and some not so successful but has learnt a lot about business and herself along the way.

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In today's podcast we chat:

  • Having confidence in business

  • Creating an alter ego and why you should!

  • Having the confidence to go live online or speak in front of a crowd

  • How to stop the negative self-talk of your inner mean girl AND from those around you

  • Jada's body confidence journey and how it impacts her businesses

  • The power of mindset and self-worth in business and more!

About Jada Perfect

Jada's passion and side hustle at the moment is to help small business owners in particular women learn how to step outside of their comfort zone while chasing their passions. In the last couple of years Jada launched Boss Lady Events where she brings women together under the one roof to network and feel inspired and motivated to make their dreams a reality.

Boss Lady Events are also a great excuse to dress up, enjoy a beautiful lunch, make friends aka business besties! And of course get some great Insta worthy pics in front of the pink decor of your dreams.

You can find Jada on her website on Instagram @bossladyevents and @jada_perfect

Building Self Confidence for Business Success

As a business owner being confident and accepting of ourselves physically and mentally is a HUGE factor to growing a successful business. We must do the personal work first before we can lead a team, set examples, close deals and progress to really reaching our full potential.

As an event host and speaker I had to quickly find my confidence to be able to speak in front of audiences both big and small, be put on the spot, face challenging situations and confront judgment from everyone watching. Confidence is key!

Body Confidence at ANY Size

I feel we hearing more about loving your body on social media but it's often directed towards bigger girls. I can sometimes feel excluded from the body positive community and feel guilty about training my ass off at the gym and being  a petite size 6. I get sick of hearing why are you so skinny?

We shouldn't be commenting on people's size whether you're large or small, it's the least interesting thing about people, why not find something more interesting to discuss or comment on?

I also think there needs to be room for the voice of petite women in discussions about body image issues.

Running 3 Businesses During a Pandemic

At the moment I am running 3 businesses, Boss Lady Events, Boss Lady Media and Sesame pizza. Boss Lady Events is slowly working behind the scenes as I can’t run events at this time so we are driving content, education and working on a few things to help support our community in this time that’s affordable and brings value.

Boss Lady Media is at a standstill with small businesses being closed and the fear of spending.

Sesame Pizza is my current full time focus and we are lucky to still have the doors open. We are currently working as hard as we can to keep all our loyal customers for the last 18 years fed and happy. My goals at the moment are to continue to plan, move forward and pivot the businesses in anyway possible to generate income for myself and my team while supporting my community and being there to support them in this time of need.

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