How to improve your self-confidence and self-love in life and business

We have a sneaky final podcast episode for 2020. I was a guest on The Sera Lo Podcast and I wanted to share the incredible takeaways from my chat with Sera.

Sera was kind enough to share the audio where we discussed getting in touch with our bodies, why women are afraid to take up space and speak their truth. Common triggers holding women back from being fully themselves in life and business, ways we can improve our self-confidence and self-love and more!

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Why many women entrepreneurs are afraid to speak their truth

In my experience female entrepreneurs want to tick ten out of ten boxes and many still hold back even if they are overly qualified to chase their dreams because they feel the ticks could be bigger.

We're afraid to take action for a number of reasons like money, perfectionism or fear of being judged by others.

All too often what holds women back is not our actual ability, but our perceived ability and a feeling that we're not good enough or that we'll fail so we don't even give ourselves the opportunity to try.

Common triggers holding women back from being fully themselves

Coming from a place of lack due to societal pressure and the media. Women are made to feel like we need to fix ourselves to be worthy.

We carry around our phones 24/7 and so we are constantly seeing media messages that are designed to make us feel lacking. Companies that want to sell you products usually start by making you feel bad about yourself, often by introducing a “problem” with your body that you would never have noticed otherwise.

Ways we can improve our self-confidence and self-love

You cant just find confidence it's not hiding in your back pocket it's something that you have to decide you want and you're willing to work for because believe me finding your self-worth and confidence is not always easy.

It is extremely hard because you need to get to know yourself, who you are, what you want from life, you need to challenge the deepest darkest parts of yourself and work on your every single day.

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Techniques I use:

  • Become in tune with your body and how you're feeling by meditating

  • Replace negative words like 'I'm nervous/scared' to 'I'm just excited'

  • Visualisation: visualise who you want to be, the life you want to live and act as if

  • Affirmations: affirm yourself with pre-prepared affirmations you know work for you

  • Question your inner mean girl. Is your internal dialogue facts or just hate?

  • Take care of yourself

  • Help others

  • Journal your thoughts, your goals, your values, what you hate, what you love, get it all out

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