60 Body Positive Accounts to Follow that will Diversify Your Instagram Feed in 2021

Our Instagram feeds can be a place of discovery, learning, inspiration and empowerment. A place to share stories, find connection and community or, a place of anxiety, depression, negative body image and comparison.

I know we can't control everything we see online, trust me, I get that BUT we choose who we follow and therefore what appears in our Instagram feeds.

As a confidence coach, I get asked a lot "why is social media (Instagram in particular) so bad for our confidence?" My response is, Instagram is a tool that we can use to empower or debilitate us —depending on how we use it.

As a coach, I help my clients take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, words and actions because we can not control other people and what they share but we can only control our reaction to them.

We need to learn how to stop blaming others and learn how to empower ourselves — take care of YOU! Use the power of intention to feel calm and confident.

When we take responsibility for our lives we step into a place of calm confidence. We feel calm because we are in control of ourselves and can choose how to respond.

My experience with social media

My feed was filled with "perfect" bodies, constant holidaying, face tuned skin and airbrushed lives that made me feel extremely insecure and in a place of lack.

And no wonder!

I fell into the comparison trap of comparing my real life to someone else's highlight reel. I knew it made me feel bad but it was some kind of guilt tactic to make myself lose weight or "fix" who I was.

You can read more about my story here but it was extremely negative and unhealthy.

Image via @danaemercer

Come to the positive side of Instagram

Unfollowing the negativity will be one of the most liberating things you could do for yourself.

On the positive side of Instagram, we have community, inclusion and diversity. We have creatives, independent thinkers, activists, poets, coaches, educators, truth and justice seekers who are changing the world we live in.

We have representation that will not only diversify your feed but encourage personal growth.

Over the past couple of years, I've made a conscious effort to scroll with the intention to unfollow accounts that make me feel negative, self-conscious or unhappy while finding/following accounts that educate, uplift and spread self-love and happiness.

Below are just some of those life-changing accounts.

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  1. @bodyimagemovement

  2. @danaemercer

  3. @lizzobeeating

  4. @thebirdspapaya

  5. @ariellanyssa

  6. @jess_megan_

  7. @zoechinloy

  8. @bopopeaches

  9. @alexlight_ldn

  10. @wheelchair_rapunzel

  11. @notyourordinarymama_

  12. @meg.boggs

  13. @ameniesseibi

  14. @bodyposipanda

  15. @missesbrielle

  16. @ageisbeauty

  17. @mariathattil

  18. @christie.valdiserri

  19. @tashncube

  20. @tanayedubz

  21. @jessvanzeil

  22. @halima

  23. @hyunjoo_hwang

  24. @ashleygraham

  25. @bren_hucks

  26. @gessflyy

  27. @nonairbrushedme

  28. @nonairbrushedamber

  29. @jessica.kostiw

  30. @isabelladavis6

  31. @goodnessgracie__

  32. @shani.chantel

  33. @jessiabass

  34. @bybrookelindsay

  35. @anadiasphotography

  36. @thequeenofconfidence

  37. @shareefa_j

  38. @leahelleloves

  39. @tofacetheworld

  40. @bybellareeves

  41. @i_weigh

  42. @jameelajamilofficial

  43. @lovingmydots

  44. @turiapitt

  45. @maryscupofteaa

  46. @stefania_model

  47. @jessraeking

  48. @jessicaemilyquinn

  49. @sar.ra__

  50. @akua.larbi

  51. @florencgiven

  52. @realchelseabear

  53. @ddlovato

  54. @summerluk

  55. @fatstimbo

  56. @bren_hucks

  57. @selflovewithloren

  58. @iamdaniadriana

  59. @feminist

  60. @karinairby

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