5 Tips for Taking Action and Improving Your Time in Isolation

During this global pandemic, it's a stressful time for a lot of us and taking action on our dreams might be the last thing on our minds. However, there is ALWAYS going to be something in our way if we let it.

There are always going to be factors that contribute to a lack of motivation and this global pandemic is a pretty good excuse. If you need to use this time to just slow down and reconnect for your mental health, that is totally understandable.

But if you're sick of watching others take action while you're doing nothing and you're feeling stuck, I have 5 tips to help you start taking action and improve your time in isolation.

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What I've been doing to take action

For me, this time has been unsettling at times but keeping busy keeps me motivated. I've felt extremely creative and motivated to continue to show up for the women who rely on me and are perhaps going through tough times at the moment.

I've used this time to continue learning and hopefully inspiring others to do the same, like creating this podcast.

I've now opened up some spaces for a limited number of new clients for my Personal Coaching Program because I've realised now more than ever people want and need support and direction to work on themselves and take action toward their goals. If that's you, you can find out more on my Work With Me page.⠀⠀⠀⠀

I also wanted to let you know that if that's not the right fit for you at this point in your life, I'm still here for you always. We have The Modelling Confidence Club on Facebook which is a community of women who connect and support one another whenever you need it OR you can always reach out to me on Instagram @bybrookelindsay

With all of that said, I'm hoping even just 1 of these 5 tips to improve your time during isolation might resonate with you so that you're able to make your time at home just a little more motivating, exciting or even just bearable.

1. Educate Yourself Online

You don't need anything more than your phone or computer to educate yourself. I have always loved learning, growing and developing my mindset. If you're the same and have something that you're passionate about and want to share with people then you should jump online and learn something new about that topic.

Even if you're not sure what your passions are just yet, just start somewhere. Share who you are and what you know with the world. Challenge yourself to jump on a Facebook live stream or your Instagram stories to provide others with value and challenge yourself to continue to grow during this time.

You will have peoples attention right now because everyone is at home! Figure out who you are, what you stand for and what you're passionate about then start sharing that information.

2. Focus on the things you can control instead of the things you can't

What are some of the long term goals that you have been wanting to work towards? Now is the perfect time to write down those goals, create a plan of action and then slowly but surely start to execute that plan to achieve your goals.

By focusing on what we can control instead of dwelling on the things that we can't, we're going to improve our time in isolation, improve our mental health and maximise on the time we have now to improve upon our future.

You can control how you show up for yourself, so start showing up as the boss ass bitch you need to become in order to achieve your bigger vision!

3. Get Clear on Your Goals and Bigger Vision

By getting clear and really honing in our bigger vision we take ourselves out of the here and now and start to get excited about the future.

Whether we're in a global pandemic or not, getting excited about the future is a sure-fire way to feel like you have a purpose and to start taking action towards that purpose.

Focus on the things that you want and get really specific. Gain clarity and focus on your bigger vision so that you can step into the person you want to become in order to achieve those goals.

Ask yourself what messages do you want to share with the world and what legacy do you want to leave behind? The more you focus on the positives and the outcomes you want for yourself, the more likely you are to achieve those goals and have the lifestyle of your dreams.

4. Create a Vision Board

Especially if you're a visual person, creating a vision board can be game-changing!

This is going to be one of the very first things that I do when I move into my new home, because they are a great reminder of what we're calling into our lives every single day.

Again, focusing on the negativity is not going to serve us. By having a vision board close by, you can remind yourself of why you're hustling and taking action for - those actions are bringing you closer to the life that you want to live.

5. Reverse Engineer Your Goals

Reverse engineering your goals gives us the confidence in knowing exactly what we need to be taking action on a daily basis, in order to achieve those goals. We need to STOP thinking about our goals and START making them a reality.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” - Henry Ford

This can bring some method to the madness because if you're anything like me there is often a million things you want to be doing at once. Reverse engineering for success means you are doing all the things mentioned above.

  1. Get clear on your big visions and goals

  2. Be committed to your big vision

  3. Identify the steps you're required to take in order to reach that goal

  4. Start taking action!

Reverse engineering is essential to your success, it takes a big scary audacious goal and makes is achievable!

When you're taking small actions every day you don't feel pressured to try and achieve everything all at once in a small time frame. But remember that patience and persistence is key to achieving any goals that you have in life. Nothing worth having ever comes easy.

To summarise, find ways to educate yourself on the things that you love online. Focus on the things you can control rather than the things that you can't. Get clear on your goals a bigger vision, create a vision board and pop it somewhere you can see it every day and really start taking action, work backwards from your goals by reverse-engineering them.

Sending you all my love, remember to stay home, stay safe and start taking action today! Your future self will thank you for it.

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