3 Steps Towards Body Acceptance

Self-love is important to improve your confidence and quality of life but body acceptance might be our first step towards good mental and physical health.

You guys know I'm all about the self-love and the body positive movement to help empower women but we can't always pretend everything is rosy and perfect - that's just not realistic.

Sometimes we look in the mirror and don't like what we see and THAT'S OK!

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We just need to take a breath and start our journey towards self-acceptance, rather than forcing ourselves to love our bodies when we're finding it really difficult. This is a much more well-rounded approach.

When loving yourself feels out of reach start by trying to reach a place of body acceptance.

I listened to the Pretty Big Deal Podcast where Ashley Grayham interviews Demi Lovato.

Demi talks about her journey to recovery thanks to the power of self-acceptance. She explains how she is struggling to love herself completely right now but that she's learned to accept and appreciate her body the way that it is.



Learning to love or even accept yourself is a process. Maybe you've gone through something that has caused you to fall out of love with yourself.

Maybe your body isn't how it used to look and that's affecting your mindset and it feels impossible to love or even accept that this is your body and that's OK!

It's normal to feel this way and you shouldn't feel guilty about it but you have to come to terms with that you're body is YOURS for life. And there is absolutely no point in hating it.

Hating your body, or your life or your mindset does not serve you in any way.

That mentality only allows you to live in Pitty Party Ville where you're a victim and no one want's that.

There is hope.

You can get through this because it's NOT impossible to accept or even love who you are right now, you just have to start working on your mindset.

Catch your inner critic by minimising the negative self-talk

How you talk to yourself matters, just like how you speak to others matters. You wouldn't talk negatively to others because they probably wouldn't put up with it or remain friends with you, so why are you doing it to yourself?

You can't expect to be friends with your body if you have a continuous negative self-dialogue.

Negative thoughts happen to all of us but it's how we turn things around that matters. When it happens try to reframe that conversation with yourself to something more positive.

Focus on the things you do like about yourself whether it's something small or big. Give yourself a compliment and then give yourself a high five, you deserve it!

Practise gratitude for what your body can do

Getting to a place of gratitude is important for your overall mental health.

When we can appreciate what our bodies do for us rather than how it looks, you're reaching a place of acceptance.

Our bodies carry us through sickness and health, in good and bad times, they allow us to wake up every morning and go about our days with so much as a "thank you" from us.

Even if you can't get to a place of love, at least come to terms with how lucky you are to be YOU and have all the things that you do.

Surround yourself with positive people

When negativity surrounds you, you pick up on the negativity. This can lead to negative self-talk and even self-hate and so I invite you to surround yourself with positive people on social media and in real life.

I understand that it can be hard to only have positive people in our lives because we can't exactly remove certain family members or friends completely from our lives but we can set boundaries.

You can protect your energy and boost your self-acceptance by setting boundaries with the negativity present in your life.

Taking these first few steps towards body love is so important and worth it!

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