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The Body Confident Co is an online community connecting women through our blog and social media platforms. Established to create a safe space for women to feel seen and empowered - to embrace their bodies and live confidently in all aspects of life.

Nearly every woman on the planet has struggled with their body image. We know exactly how hard it is to be confident in a world that makes us feel like we're never good enough.

As women, we experience societal pressures every single day. From the time we are little girls, we are made to believe that our worth is tied to our appearance.

BCC was founded to help you shift your mindset and beliefs deep-rooted in diet culture, trashy media outlets and social media platforms. We share real, raw and unedited images and stories of remarkable women learning to be at peace with their bodies to live their best lives. 

Join our community to start putting yourself first. To feel empowered to embrace your body and start living confidently - you've got this!


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Brooke (aka @bybrookelindsay) is a Melbourne based curve model and body confidence advocate supporting women in practising self-love and accepting their bodies.

Navigating an eating disorder, unhealthy relationships, and seeking validation in all the wrong places has made Brooke passionate about living life to the fullest whilst being a peace with her body and encouraging others to do the same.

Brooke used to believe she could only love herself once she lost weight. Today, she exposes the reality behind "perfect" social media photos and promotes body confidence for everybody.

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